Making the move to the country and farm life! With Love from the Barn Baby's original owner.

Posted by Carine Wegmann on

I’m a firm believer that life will always take you in the right direction when you let go and allow it too. And so that being said I now find myself living on a farm in Gippsland! My younger self would never have dreamt this is where I'd be! Having said that I always loved country trips, farm produce, the idea of living somewhere out of town oh and I was addicted to watching Mcleod’s daughters, the Man from Snowy River and Farmer Wants a Wife 😊 So here we are, it makes complete sense that I meet a guy from Gippsland who refuses to make the move to Melbourne City and now I live to tell the tale of how a city girl came to living her best life yet. So all that being said my first two years of settling into country life wasn’t easy.  I mean yes I had travelled before and lived in many different suburbs, cities and countries. This was a little different. Although it was ultimately my decision, I was moving for someone else. My support networks were all in Melbourne, and so I was starting completely from scratch. So I want to share some of the things that helped me settle in. With Covid it feels like the bridge between the city and the country has really shrunk, many people want to make the shift. So if you find yourself some place new here’s a few things to help you ease into a new area.

  • My biggest tip is say hello to your neighbors! Whilst your neighbors in the country might be further then a stone’s throw, most of the time they are so welcoming and can offer many tips and insights into what’s happening in the local areas.
  • Just immerse yourself into everything the country offers and by focusing on taking it all in you’ll naturally come across like-minded people
  • It’s true everyone knows everyone in the country! So whilst you may feel like you’ve made your first local friend they’ll no doubt introduce you to lots more.
  • If you work for yourself, it can be quite lonely so joining a co-working space is a great option. And if you own your business this is a great way of meeting people. I had the chance to really settle in when I followed my true passion of starting my first business – a Pilates studio run from our farm. This brought many like minded people to me. So find something that you enjoy and join it, you’ll immediately make the connection with someone as you already have something in common.
  • It all takes time and before you know it, you'll find you won't be able to go into town without bumping into several people that you know!

Barn Baby Kids came to life after having my first baby Blake. I finally decided to follow my creative streak! I wanted a baby store to support the local Gippsland and other like-minded communities. A baby & kids store I could help create quality, affordable and practical pieces. A place I could design some of the missing pieces I wish I had particularly for my first born. So here I hope you will find beautiful, meaningful pieces for you, your little ones, or something special you can send as a gift.

Much Love,